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"For me technique begins with intention. Your technique will fall into place as we discover the intention behind each line in a song."

I currently teach:
- beginners to advanced
- actors & professional west end singers
- non-singers & people who sing for fun!

I pride myself on being an affordable choice for graduates and professionals alike.

If you'd like to book a session, please get in touch below.
Prices start at £45 and students get £5 off every lesson!

Online or In Person


Practise your favourite go to songs and get audition ready.

Or try something new to add to your rep.


Technique doesn't need to be scary! We can find exercises that work for you to strengthen your voice and keep it consistent. 

Acting Through Song

Find the intentions in the song and how to portray those to the audience. Find a connection to the text to help tell the story.

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